Painting professionally since 2003, self-taught artist, Diane Clement continually pushes the envelope of painting by mixing all types of paint and liquids (wine, beer, alcohol, polyurethane, fire, etc.) and her use of experimental and unconventional materials and techniques epitomizes her expression of personal artistic freedom..  Her work has been described as “Freedom Made Visible”.

Her abstract work reflects her rebellious counter culture spirit. Not to be confused with Pollock or others; Diane has always been an abstract-expressionist painter… pretty much since the age of two. She continues to build an arsenal of techniques and a wealth of knowledge as the natural evolution from her experience continues to generate art for the Soul...not the Sofa.

What Others Say About Diane’s Art:

“ It’s beautiful. It`s exciting and dynamic. It has power. It`s compelling and moving”                                                                               Bill Nelson

Solo & Featured Artist Exhibitions:

2019 Black Iris Gallery, Richmond, VA

2018  Anne's Visual Art Studio,  & Black Iris Gallery Richmond, VA

2017  Artemis Gallery & Anne's Visual Art Studio, Richmond, VA

2016   Cultural Art Center at Glen Allen, VA

2015 & 2016   Artemis Gallery   &   Anne’s Visual Art Studio

2015  The Ward Center for Contemporary Art   &   Walton Gallery

2014  Rocketts Studios & Galleries

2013  Represented by Gallery Flux  &   artspace - group exhibitions

2012 Art Sante Fe (Aprique Gallery)   &   art Expo New York;

2011  Visual Art Studio, Richmond, VA

2009  & 2010  Many assorted private shows and sales

2008  March - Crossroads Art Center, Richmond, VA

2007  Feb.,June, Sept. - Art Works Studios & Galleries, Richmond, VA

2007  March - Crossroads Art Center, Richmond, VA

2006 & 2007  Jan. - 12 12 Gallery, Richmond, VA

2005  Five Exhibitions:

Beatnik Gallery, Petersburg, VA   -   Corporate Museum & Frame, Richmond, VA   -  

March, May - Artemis Gallery, Richmond, VA

Petersburg Regional Art Center, Petersburg, VA  -   2004  Beatnik Gallery, Petersburg, VA

Group Exhibitions:

MRAA Exhibition - James Center & Richmond Public Library

The Symphony Designer House, Richmond, VA 2004 & 2014

9th Annual National Juried Exhibition, Montpelier, VA 2006

Diane supports her community by donating paintings to  numerous nonprofits including The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Keep Virginia Beautiful, Cure & Prevention of Cancer, Quill Theater , Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, IVNA, ALS,  Paws for Pets, SCORE and many more.